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Siemens C10


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Alcatel OT Pro

Siemens C10  vs   Alcatel OT Pro

This article presents the similarities and differences of the two cellphones Siemens C10 and Alcatel OT Pro. Both Siemens C10 and Alcatel OT Pro are GSM Technology phones.

Both these devices Siemens C10 and Alcatel OT Pro are very similar in terms of some of the key features. Both of them contain Camera. The Alcatel OT Pro is a lighter and smaller device than Siemens C10.

Let us now compare the features of these devices in more detail.


Alcatel OT Pro does not come with Display Features, whereas, Siemens C10 has got these features. The Siemens C10 possesses Fixed icons ;Softkey Display Features. The Alcatel OT Pro has Monochrome graphic Display Type while the Siemens C10 offers Alphanumeric Display Type. The Alcatel OT Pro contains 4 x 16 chars Display Size whereas the Siemens C10 comes with 3 x 12 chars Display Size.

Memory and processing

The Alcatel OT Pro provides 100 Phonebook Memory. The Siemens C10 possesses 50 Phonebook Memory. The Alcatel OT Pro has got 5 dialed, 5 received, 5 missed calls Call records memory and the Siemens C10 possesses 5 dialed, 4 received, 4 missed calls Call records memory.


The Alcatel OT Pro has got Standard 600 mAh NiMH Battery while the Siemens C10 has Standard, 700 mAh NiMH Battery. The Alcatel OT Pro offers 150 min Battery Talk time and the Siemens C10 contains 5 h Battery Talk time. Talk time gives the maximum time that a phone can transmit on a single battery charge. The Alcatel OT Pro comes with 70 h Stand-by. The Siemens C10 provides 80 h Stand-by. Standby time gives the amount of time a fully charged wireless portable or transportable phone can be on before the phone's battery will lose power.

Form factor

The Alcatel OT Pro offers 145 g Weight whereas the Siemens C10 has 165 g Weight. The Alcatel OT Pro has got 133 x 54 x 15 mm Dimensions while the Siemens C10 provides 137 x 55 x 22 mm, 149 cc Dimensions.

Other miscellaneous

The Alcatel OT Pro possesses Vibration and Monophonic ringtones Alert types. The Siemens C10 has got Monophonic ringtones Alert types.

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